Monday, 2 March 2015


Hiya Everyone!

I felt like doing a fun post today so i decided to do this post and say something about myself!

1. My Favourite Color is Black
Its always been my go to color right from my university days. I would wear black jeans and a shirt. Not only does it suit my complexion but it is so easy to wear and even dress up, plus it's very flattering as it hides excess weight. My ideal look however would be rock chic glam. Kind of like the  lady on the left and a pair of booties! Very understated and sexy.......and yes, right now as i type, i am actually wearing a pair of dark skinny jeans, white shirt and of cos my booties.

2. I am Obsessive Compulsive about certain things.
I obsess about things i like a can be a bit draining. So, i obsess about my hair....i obsess about my family, i obsess about my health, obsess about running (i've been unable to run for about 2 weeks so you can imagine the thoughts i have been getting). I also obsess when i love a i would obsess about your health, if you are eating, where you are....of course i have to rein myself in most times. I am lucky that my obsessions are just thoughts and not actions and since i identified my behaviour a long time ago myself, i have learnt to keep my obsessive thoughts to myself and not allow it affect my relationship with people.

3. I'm very selfish and self conceited
Yes, you heard that right.....i know most people like to hide the fact that they are selfish and conceited. But me, i accept mine and embrace it.....why?Because i learnt a long time ago that thinking of yourself only and putting yourself first is not such a bad thing. Thats not to say that i don't think of others. I do, but you have to be worth me inconveniencing myself for you. You also have to understand the fact that we come into this world alone and we die alone. However, while practising this Mantra, never forget that you have a God and will come before him on Judgement day. So, do right in his sight. It's my guiding principle!

4. I'm modestly Vain
If you read my articles or know me personally, you would know that i am quite vain. I love to look good for myself and i don't think its a crime. My dressing, exercise, looks are all about me and a perception of what i should look like. I always believe i should look into the mirror and like what i see and if i don't like what i see, then i should change it. So, if i put on weight for instance, i won't bore anyone with my complaints. I would just carry my lazy arse to the gym

5. I'm a girly girl!
I love being a woman! No, i don't ever envy men or want to be them. Even if i was to be reincarnated 10 times, i would always want to come back as a woman. I love being feminine, wearing dresses, having my hair done, wearing make up and dolling up sometimes. I love perfume, lipstick and all the intricacies of being a woman. Girls rock and have all the fun in the world!

6. My Pet peeve s Slow drivers
Hmmm....Slow drivers drive me nuts. They drive me crazy and have me wondering why they decided to drive a car in the first place

7. I love to love
Not my fault! I'm aries! I can't help myself! I love to love and i like to fall passionately in love. I do fall out of love just as easily too, so you best be careful. We need passion in our lives to be happy and to feel alive and even if we know that the love is not permanent, we will still dive in head first not thinking of the consequences. We get completely depressed and fade out like a rose without water for nourishment
8. I like to regard myself as a free spirit
You can't hold me down so don't bother! Will do what i like as i please.

9. I'm a hoarder
This is my disease. I like to own and possess things and when i like something i don't want to run out of it. I hoard clothes, shoes, make up, creams, cleansers, shampoos, conditioners, perfumes. My room is over flowing with my possessions. My hoarding skills are renown as I've been in a situation where I've had 7 hair blow dryers (my reason for having seven was that they served different purposes), 3 hair steamers, 2 facial steamers, uncountable brands of products cos i will try a product, fall in love with the brand, buy everything in the brand range and then a few weeks down the line i decide i do not like it.....then i store it and start with another brand, refusing to give out the old one because i feel one day, i might go back to loving it)

10. I love running
Out of all the exercises in the world, the easiest, coolest and fun filled exercise for me is running. I love to run. When i run, i am happy. It clears my thoughts, i think about what i have to do, what needs to be changed. I know to some its very hard, but for me, its just so cool. I am obsessed with running clothes and running shoes.


  1. My my my , this was quite a good read and i can't believe how much we have in common , i love to wear black too and very free spirited , i never knew you were an Aries. Thanks for tagging me ,it's been a while i visited your blog i really like the changes . Will let you know once my Tag post is up. By the way, easy on the hoarding,you already remind me of my mom and my big

    1. Hahahahaha! I can't wait to read yours as well. Are you Aries as well Uzo? Its amazing how many people have acknowledged what we have in common from this post.

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    1. Thank you! Thanks for taking out time to read

    2. Wow I didn't know we have so much in common. I'm a bit of a hoarder too, mostly in books and shoes. You can never have too many books or quality magazines :)

      I am a bit obsessive too, on everything from music genres to a new crush all the way to binge watching one tv show all month.

      Oh yes I agree I would only desire to become reincarnated as a woman.

    3. Hahahaha! I'm your twin on the other side of the world!

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